Vulture Reimagines Jersey Shore As the Classic Film Roman Florence Holiday


Once upon a time, a beautiful young lady named Audrey Hepburn went to Italy and became a star. The fifties classic Roman Holiday featured Hepburn gallivanting around Rome, a princess trying to pass herself off as a pauper, in the role that made Audrey Audrey. These days, two big-haired young ladies named Snooki and Deena have gone to Italy and become ... well, girls who gets drunk and fall down a lot. But, really, there are similarities! And we've made a video to highlight them. In our Jersey Shore version of Roman Holiday — which we're dubbing Florence Holiday, because that's where the cast is living, even if they don't know that — we've cast Snooki and Deena as Audrey-esque princesses who wobble in their stilettos all throughout the Eternal City Firenze, drinking, dancing, and meeting interesting men, like the gym trainer with the boner. It's a shame we haven't seen clips of Snooks tooling around on the back of Florence on a scooter just yet, but we expect it soon. Watch and enjoy. Salud!