Jimmy Fallon Will Host SNL in December, As Predicted in Alec Baldwin’s 1998 Opening Monologue


Jimmy Fallon announced today that he's going to host the December 17 episode of Saturday Night Live, with musical guest Michael Buble. It marks Fallon's first time hosting since he left the show in 2004, but fans shouldn't be too surprised to see him back in Studio 8H — not only has he done cameos on the show here and there, but back in 1998, SNL itself announced he'd host right around then. As you can see in the video, Alec Baldwin's monologue from a season 24 episode predicts exactly this: That Jimmy Fallon, as the host of Christmas future in this Christmas Carol riff, will host in December 2011. Most people remember this episode for its Schwetty Balls, but perhaps its prescience will become its new calling card! [Pop Culture Brain]

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