Joe Manganiello to Play Magic Mike’s ‘Big Dick Richie’


Another day, another Magic Mike casting announcement! Who has Steven Soderbergh now added to his male-stripper flick that already includes Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, and Matthew Bomer? That'd be True Blood's oft-nude were-hulk Joe Manganiello, who EW reports will be playing a character named "Big Dick Richie." (The back of Manganiello's headshot just got so much more interesting!) You know, we really must applaud Steven Soderbergh for abandoning his usual approach to casting verisimilitude here. The Soderbergh of old would have hired, like, Jeff Timmons and some gay porn stars to be in this movie, to make it more "real"; the new, about-to-retire Soderbergh instead says, "Give me your most famous men willing to show ass. I am going to make all of America bi-curious next year!" [EW]