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Relatively Obscure AMC Executives Have Fake Twitter Accounts Now


Apparently there's no such thing as "too inside baseball" when it comes to fake Twitter accounts: Someone has gone far enough to make a (hilarious) faux stream for Joel Stillerman, AMC's head of original programming who has clashed with Frank Darabont and Matt Weiner, particularly about budgetary concerns. Some gems:

"This may upset some fans, but we are slashing the gum-budget from The Killing. Now, only half the scenes will have obnoxiously loud chewing."

"Who okayed that car crash on Breaking Bad?!??! I'm not made of free car crashes! #SomeoneIsSoFired"

"God I wish that prop money from tonight's Breaking Bad was real. So much money. So many bags of money. #SoMuchMoney #GodSoMuchMoney"

Never leave us, fake Joel Stillerman!

AMC Exec's Fake Twitter Account: 'We've Slashed The Killing's Chewing-Gum Budget' [Wrap]