Kalup Linzy and James Franco Don’t Text Each Other As Much As They Used To


Signs of contention in the prolific artistic relationship between James Franco and multimedia artist Kalup Linzy were evident back when Franco put some distance between himself and Linzy's musical debut ("That's not my EP. Kalup Linzy is doing the EP, I think I, like, do some spoken word on it, but that is not my EP"). Vulture did not realize just how bad things had gotten, though. From the New York Times: "'James and I have worked together right here,' [Linzy] said, pointing to his cluttered worktable. 'We used to text each other all the time.' Mr. Linzy added that there are more recordings with Mr. Franco, but was reluctant to release anything without Mr. Franco's blessing. The unlikely duo, it seems, need to work through some issues first. "James texted me saying, 'Oh, we'e still friends, right?'" Sigh. Those two sure did burn bright, didn't they? [NYT]