Kelly Clarkson Will Try to Wrest the Word Stronger From Britney Spears


Kelly Clarkson's fifth studio album (the one that was, in the words of Clarkson, being held in an "industry prison") finally has a title and a release date. It'll be out on October 25 and the title is Stronger, which, in addition to being a very common word in the English language, is also the name of a Britney Spears song (and a good one at that; pretty solidly in the top five of the Spears canon). While Britney Spears does not legally own stronger, the Clarkson title certainly calls it to mind. (Oddly, other one-word Spears song titles like "Lucky," "Lonely," and "Sometimes" do not have the same insta-association.) We hope for Clarkson's sake that upon her record's release, she and Spears can at least share ownership in the public consciousness. Though if Clarkson's album title is just a way of telling us that each track on her record will start with a fog horn (as "Stronger" does), while we appreciate the heads-up, we think "Stronger" will remain Britney's in perpetuity — or until someone makes a better song called "Stronger." [Idolator]