‘You and I’ Video: Lady Gaga Makes Out With Herself


After the straightforward video for “Edge of Glory,”; in which Lady Gaga danced around an eighties L.A. soundstage in a single outfit, some people (Vulture and Justin Timberlake included) wondered whether Gaga had reached the limit of her spectacle. Were we entering a new, uncomplicated phase of Gaga? Would she just hit the reset button and play it straight? The video for “You and I,” which our Lady released on Twitter earlier this afternoon, answers these questions with a resounding, mermaid-filled no. Gaga is back in form, meaning we’re treated to all manner of rococo costumes, bizarre allusions, and Greaser cross-dressing in the six-minute video. Even better, since the country-tinged “You and I” tells a love story set in Nebraska, we get to watch Gaga traipse through cornfields in her Morticia-Terminator and Renaissance doll getups; she even holds a dance party in a manger. But all this is a warm-up for the duet between a makeup-less Gaga and her Bob Dylan alter ego, who perches atop her upright piano and does a pretty convincing Kenickie, then swoops in for a kiss. So, is Lady Gaga singing to the long-lost Nebraska version of herself? Or is her hot scientist tormentor (who apparently has been hiding the prototype for the Captain America machine in a Midwestern barn) the "You" in question here? Maybe the zombie bride? Surely some committed Monsters will parse all this soon enough; in the meantime, Gaga, in all her (NSFW) fish-scaled-breast glory, is back.