Last Night on Late Night: Ashton Kutcher Feared Joining the ‘Two and a Half Men’ Mêlée


Last night on Late Show With David Letterman, Ashton Kutcher brings his combat gear to protect himself from the declared fatwa as well as Letterman's attacks on the "Commie pig" that is Chuck Lorre, and admits that he was initially "afraid" to join the Two and a Half Men "mêlée" brought about by the "lingual genius" that is Charlie Sheen, with whom he has a "cool" Twitter relationship. But that fear has since vanished. "I think it’s going to go through the roof, I really do," Kutcher asserts. Plus: Rashida Jones had to kiss a lot of girls to get it right for Zooey Deschanel in Our Idiot Brother and jokes that her father, Quincy Jones, roofies everyone, including Chelsea Handler; and Regis Philbin is shopping around for a new job in L.A. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.