Last Night on Late Night: Sex-Tape-Savvy James Franco Explains Why His Grandma Couldn’t Be a Porn Star


Last night on Conan, James Franco, who currently has a porn documentary stashed as one of his many works in progress, revisits his sex-tape story, and in justifying its shortcomings, compares the acting performability of his grandma to that of talented porn stars. Plus: A vagina-happy Jimmy Kimmel escorted Jessica Alba to what turned out to be a hysterically awkward birthing class full of eye-rolls, sighs, and "vagina," "vagina," "vagina"; Rose McGowan of Conan the Barbarian unknowingly sold pot brownies to her real-estate agents, one of whom later called from a PTA meeting, high out of her mind; and Woody Allen cast his protégé Jesse Eisenberg in Bop Decameron mid-apology, right after emerging from their car accident. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.