Like Crazy Trailer: Love Is a Losing Game for Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones


Was your favorite part of Crazy, Stupid, Love the totally improvised bed scene between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone? Would you like to see a whole movie of that, albeit with somewhat more delicate actors? Then here's Like Crazy, the Anton Yelchin/Felicity Jones romantic drama that had Sundance swooning. Like Gosling and Stone, Yelchin and Jones mostly improvised their romantic banter as two students whose deep connection is threatened when Jones is deported, though the trailer for the film goes light on that naturalistic dialogue and heavy on the film's many, many, many love montages. Also, as in the movie itself, the trailer eventually reveals a surprise performance from Jennifer Lawrence, whose own celebrity has now eclipsed the two leads she's supporting. Can this trio of slow-burn stars get wider audiences to fall in love with them this October? [Coming Soon]