Idris Elba’s Luther Will Be Back for a Third Season


Idris Elba's imported police drama Luther will be back for a third season — or, since it's a British show, a third "series." Joy! Elba's Stringer Bel–ness is drastically diminished when he speaks with his native British accent, and lingering Wire vibes largely disappear when he plays the distraught, secretly vulnerable detective with a dark side. Luther is a police procedural, but it shares more of its creative and stylistic DNA with Dexter: It can be gory, certainly, and it's also visually distorted, which gives the show a sinister current of disorientation. Dexter is often supernaturally bright — in the Miami sunshine, maybe, or under Dex's surgical lights — while Luther goes for darkness and intense claustrophobia that make narrow London streets feel completely suffocating. The first season is on Netflix; the second season starts airing on BBC America September 28; and the third season starts filming in the next few months. [Shadow and Act/Indiewire]