Mark and Donnie Wahlberg to Open Restaurant Named ‘Wahlburgers’


It's really all there in the headline, isn't it? You know right now whether you're in or you're out. (For the record, we're in.) Here's the backstory: Successful Southie siblings Mark and Donnie Wahlberg have opened quite a few successful restaurants in Boston, and when they made plans to start a burger joint, there was really only one inevitable name it could have. Unfortunately, the Tom Wahl's chain in Rochester, New York, was already selling something called a "Wahlburger," so the brothers had to work out a full-spectrum deal with that chain in order to acquire the name for ... okay, maybe that backstory isn't so important. The point is, they got the name, and now Wahlburgers is opening in a 120–seat space at the Shipyard, and the chef will be Paul Wahlberg, their older brother. Perfect. Road trip! [Boston Herald]