Meet the Hero Paparazzo Taking Photos of The Dark Knight Rises


You know all those nice crisp photos that keep coming from the Dark Knight Rises set? They've largely been the work of one man: Jared Wickerham, a 22-year-old Pittsburgh sports photographer, has been snapping away in the face of nearly insurmountable odds. For example: "The first woman I ran into, one of the P.A.s, I think, said, 'You can't take pictures here.' It was on the sidewalk and I said, 'I know my rights. I'm on a public sidewalk' So she went up to one of the security guards and came back and just decided to stand in front of me. Since I shoot sports, I had a nice, long lens, so I just took a few steps back and shot around her." God bless you, Jared Wickerham. If it weren't for you, it'd be months before we knew that, at one point in the movie, Batman pats Bane's head. [Moviefone]