Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman Making a Movie Together


Melissa McCarthy, still fresh off Bridesmaids, and Jason Bateman, still fresh off, uh, The Change-Up, are both attached to star in the comedy ID Theft, which Bateman is also producing. The script was originally written to be about two men, one of whom steals the identity of the other, but was changed for McCarthy (she's copping moves from the Angelina Jolie playbook now). Since Bridesmaids, McCarthy's lined up a gig in Judd Apatow's Knocked Up follow-up and is working on getting another project going about a woman who steals the Stanley Cup for her husband. McCarthy's CBS sitcom, Mike & Molly, back for its second season this fall, is increasingly looking like a crimp in her movie career — or, the more positive perspective, like a break from poop jokes. (There is no way a Bateman-McCarthy comedy does not come with many poop jokes.) [Deadline]