Michael Patrick King Is Not Interested in a Sex and the City Prequel


Last winter, some random rumors about a Sex and the City prequel started to take hold after an Italian magazine confidently reported plans were in the works for Blake Lively to star as the new Carrie, with Michael Patrick King adapting Candace Bushnell's The Carrie Diaries. Lively's camp quickly shot down the notion, as did some of the original SATC stars. Now King is flatly ruling out the possibility that he'd be involved with any origins story. "My Carrie Bradshaw started at 33 and I took her to 43," he told reporters Wednesday at a CBS press conference for his new Monday comedy 2 Broke Girls. "I don't want to know who Carrie's parents are. I just want to think of her as existing only in Manhattan." King said he's sure Bushnell's prequel is "great," but he hasn't read it and has no plans to do so: "The idea of going backwards is not something I'd think of doing." As for an old-fashioned SATC sequel, King wouldn't rule it out but said it's not something he's thinking about now. "I'm totally involved in this show," he told Vulture. "Right now [SATC] is resting."