Mick Jagger Is Now Lending His Street Cred to Maroon 5


"Moves Like Jagger," the Voice-enabled collaboration between Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera, rests on the premise that Adam Levine and pals are, if not as cool as Mick Jagger, then cool enough to shimmy like him while singing his name over and over. Surprising to anyone who has heard "She Will Be Loved" and any Rolling Stones song ever, Jagger himself agrees — not enough to appear in the video, but enough to give his endorsement and lend a bunch of vintage footage to the effort. (To be fair, the guy is up to some unusual projects of his own these days.) The result, below, is a barrage of classic Jagger strutting spliced together with an army of impersonators doing their best point-and-thrusts (special shout-out to the gentleman in the red-striped pants for nailing that upright-worm move). Also on hand: Adam Levine, once again noticeably unclothed, but puzzlingly not attempting any moves comparable to Jagger's; Christina Aguilera, who shows up to wail on a bridge and then sway calmly amid the impersonators; and random flashes of boobs. Meanwhile, while on the subject of the Voice universe, Blake Shelton has just been tapped to cover "Footloose" for the upcoming Kenny Ortega reboot, and Vulture can't help but feel that Shelton's cultural throwback will be a more natural fit. Still, the whistling on "Moves Like Jagger" is pretty damn catchy. And remember, when you hear this in line at the drugstore and catch yourself embarrassingly dancing along: Mick Jagger, weirdly, approves. [Rap-Up]