Networks Start Bidding War for Sarah Silverman Sitcom [Updated]


Either Sarah Silverman has tamed her notoriously foul mouth or the networks are no longer afraid of the FCC, because she's shopping a sitcom and according to Deadline, all the big boys are interested. ABC, NBC, and Fox are currently in a bidding war for the show (CBS hasn't been pitched), which would star Silverman as a woman readjusting to life after breaking up with her longtime live-in boyfriend, who may or may not be a schlubby guy with a talk show (yes, it's autobiographical). Ron Howard may also have something to do with the network giddiness: His Imagine TV is producing the show and it's a "pet project" of his, which, as we all know, leads to the type of TV — low rated, critically acclaimed, and ultimately canceled — that networks love most. [Deadline] Update: NBC wins! The network has ordered a put pilot, all but guaranteeing that the show makes it to air.