Nick Kroll Teaches You To Be An Internet Human


We’ve all been there: you’ve ripped off your What Would Bobby Bottleservice Do? bracelet in a anabolic steroid-induced rage and now have no reference for how to function in normal society. Fortunately Nick Kroll’s internet etiquette advice offers a tutorial on how real people interact via this grand series of tubes. “Don’t take pictures of your private parts and send them around willy-nilly, because they will end up on the Internet,” Kroll explains in Details. “Unless your boobs are really fantastic or your dick looks like fantastic boobs. In that case, send them around the Internet like a goddamn congressman.” Try not to overdo the status updates, says Nick, since “the only person who cares about that is your stalker, and the real joy for him is the hunt.” When in doubt, he writes, always “just remember that everyone on the Internet is taking note of your goings-on and judging you all the time. Isn’t that comforting?”