Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally Approve of Tammy #1


Despite the fact that she will no doubt ruin both their characters’ lives, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally approved of Patricia Clarkson as Tammy #1. Offerman explained to TV Line, “I’m lucky enough to be pals with [Patricia], and I was involved in trying to woo her to the show. So Megan and I were just over the moon. She has such a commanding sexuality combined with a sort of wild side. They’re like an evil Snow White and Rose Red duo.”

After the casting was announced Offerman took his two television brides out to celebrate, recalling “The three of us had a drink to celebrate the news. [Patricia] was wearing a white dress and Megan was wearing dark colors, and I’m looking at the two of them just thinking, ‘What the hell did I do to get so lucky? I’m a lucky bastard.’” Jeez, get a sound-proof, structurally sturdy room, you three.