The Odd Life of Timothy Green Trailer: That’s One Way to Approach Infertility


Where do babies come from? Buried dreams, of course. They come from a preciously crafted list of desirable attributes that handsome husbands bury in rustic back yards, drenched in the tears of tragically barren mothers. The best part is you get to skip over the pesky infant years, the toilet training, the teething, et cetera, and jump right to the part where your adorable — magical? — child hatches forth from the Earth, filthy but ready to give and receive love. The Odd Life of Timothy Green, ladies and germs! Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton (who's about to be everywhere) star as the lucky couple whose munchkin Timothy (CJ Adams in his second role ever) is a musical prodigy in addition to being some kind of hope vessel wish machine. [Trailer Addict]