Paul Rudd Was Unable to Charm Iris Apatow Into Liking Him


Here’s Paul Rudd on playing dad to Judd Apatow’s kids, and how he really fucked up his relationship with Iris from the get-go: “In the beginning they felt a little weird about it. I met them when they were very little, around Anchorman. And there was a scene we did for 40-Year-Old Virgin that was cut from the movie where Judd was carrying Iris, who was probably two or three at the time. In the electronics store where we worked there was a robot, and I was improvising and started yelling at her, “Don’t! You cannot touch this robot!” She started crying, and ever since then I’ve been the mean guy who yells. She would laugh at some of my bullshit, but inevitably she’d creep back around to total judgment. Now that she’s eight, though, I hopefully have erased that trauma.”