Pitbull on Lindsay Lohan’s Lawsuit: Date Me Instead of Suing Me


Lindsay Lohan is suing Pitbull over his song "Give Me Everything," which finds him rapping the line, "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan," a sentence that may give people the accurate impression that Lohan has been to jail multiple times. To rebut the charge, Pitbull recorded this very classy video interview (where he's well-dressed, polite, and respectful — take notes for your next court date, Lindz!) to explain that he's always been a big supporter of Lohan's career, and that line was supposed to be a compliment. "When I mentioned Lindsay Lohan in the record, it was really a positive message," claims Pitbull. "If you're from the neighborhood, when you say you've got it 'locked up,' that means you run that area." And it's almost convincing, until you wonder exactly what niche it is that Lohan is running. (Photo shoots not tied to promoting any particular project? Posts on Dlisted?) Still, Pitbull promises that he'll continue to perform the song at this weekend's VMAs, and he extends Lohan a mutually beneficial olive branch: "I'd like to send out an invitation to Lindsay Lohan. Hopefully she can come with me to the VMAs." Do it!