Review Rise of the Planet of the Apes in One Sentence

Rise of Planet of the Apes Photo: 20th Century Fox

Rise of the Planet of the Apes defeated lingering James Franco backlash and its own clumsy title to win over both the critics (New York's David Edelstein called it "an inspired fusion of the classic Apes saga with new-style bio-genetic horror") and the box office ($54 million!). The good feelings were so rampant, there was even some serious chatter about Andy Serkis — who plays monkey rebel leader Caesar via mo-cap — contending for an Oscar. More important: Have you seen it? Did you think Franco pulled off that lab coat? Do you now want a little genetically engineered baby super-monkey of your own? And are you ready to overthrow humanity, maybe, just a little bit? Let us know your thoughts, in one sentence or less, below.