Ricky Gervais Mulling Golden Globes Return


After Ricky Gervais finished with his blistering stint as host of the Golden Globes this past year, many pundits thought he would never be asked back. According to the man himself, though, he's already got an offer for next year's ceremony. "I am [considering it] but I shouldn't do it," Gervais told the crowd at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival today. "It's a second encore. Don't do a second encore. I don't think I should do it. What am I going back as?" What's more, Gervais claims that the Academy Awards have asked about his availability, too: "They said to my agent would he like to be on our list. I couldn't do the Oscars. It's a thankless task for a comedian. They don't want to hear jokes, they want to hear if they have won the most important award of their career." Hmm, where have we heard that ostentatious reluctance to do the Oscars before ... [Guardian UK]