Roast Is for Charlie Sheen’s Own Good


Comedy Central's upcoming Charlie Sheen roast is not just an opportunity for Seth MacFarlane to finally make use of all the zingers he's been hoarding since the oversaturation of the Tiger Blood market this spring. It's so much more than that, says "roastmaster general" Jeff Ross: “These roasts are often therapeutic for a person. These are things he needs to hear. No one deserves to be roasted more than the warlock." (Ha, the warlock!) He added: "I see this as a comedy intervention."

Apparently, there's a "long list of people from Charlie’s past" interested in participating in the September 19 broadcast. Just like an intervention — except probably with less emphasis on anguished concern for the guest of honor, and more on the exploitation of his debilitating flaws. See also: a much higher likelihood that the event will be followed by all the attendees getting wasted together, rather than helping to pack a suitcase for a month-long stay somewhere in Minnesota. Really, unless Charlie has agreed to participate in a documentary about addiction, then everyone should at least be real about this thing. [EW]