Rob McElhenney Explains His It’s Always Sunny Weight Gain


Why did Rob McElhenney gain 50 pounds for the upcoming season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a move that made him look "as ugly as possible," according to the actor? Basically, to be a contrarian. "It came when I was watching a very popular sitcom, and I noticed the people were getting better and better looking as the seasons were going on," McElhenney told reporters this past weekend at the TCAs. "I always thought that what we were trying to do on Sunny was the deconstruction of the sitcom." To that end, McElhenney met up with a nutritionist recommended by Philadelphia Phillies baseball player Chase Utley and boosted his daily diet to 5,000 calories — coincidentally, the same amount that Henry Cavill is eating to get in shape for Man of Steel. Go stuff your face, everybody! It's lucrative! [TV Guide]