Will Robert Rodriguez Offer Moviegoers the Opportunity to Smell a Diaper?


Earlier this summer, the director told Vulture how he planned to put "4-D" in the fourth installment of Spy Kids: "Aroma-Scope," a sensory experience where onscreen signals will prompt moviegoers to sniff one of eight scents on a card. As he explained at the time, "Sometimes, the ideas behind [the smells] will be surprising."

Today, he revealed his source of inspiration for the project: "a whiff of the diaper of star Jessica Alba's baby." That's gross, but also undeniably giggle-inducing. (Maybe just for us? And, presumably, the typical member of the Spy Kids demographic.) Anyway, no one's going to have to do anything they don't want to do! (We're willing to admit that this all might possibly be funnier in theory than in practice.) "The nice thing about cards is, if you don't want to smell you don't have to," he added. "You're doing it by your own willpower." [LAT]