Rupert From Survivor May Run for Indiana Governor


Perhaps inspired by the unlikely transformation of Real World: Boston alum Sean Duffy into a respectable Wisconsin congressman, Hagrid-like Survivor perennial Rupert Boneham has formed an exploratory committee to potentially run for governor of Indiana. On his new site, Rupert for Governor (which comes complete with a CBS publicity still of Boneham in full tie-dye from one of his three runs at the Survivor title), the reality star declares that he has operated his nonprofit charity Rupert's Kids "for over 20 years without government handouts," and with that self-reliance in mind, he'd be seeking the Libertarian Party nomination. (Quick question, though: Does the Libertarian platform include things like stealing the other team's supplies and almost killing Jerri Manthey with an ill-advised sand shelter? Oh, it does? Then good!) [Indianapolis Star]