See Mick Jagger Interact With His New Bandmates, Joss Stone and Damian Marley


Back in the spring, when the band Super Heavy — featuring the WTF-lineup of Mick Jagger, the Eurythmics' Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley, and A.R. Rahman — was announced, Vulture's helpful commentary was that "either these people have the most scintillating conversations ever heard, or they just sit around after practice avoiding eye contact." Luckily, by way of premiering their debut track, "Miracle Worker," Super Heavy has released an in-studio clip, and it is fascinating. At one point, the principals are all standing around, amicably discussing what to do with the next part of a song. Stone throws out some lyrics. Stewart tells Jagger, who is rocking some sick airport newsstand sunglasses, to bring back a "great riff" he had before. Damian Marley looks like he wishes he were still chiefing blunts with Nas. And then they keep it moving forward. Is this really happening? It looks like it's really happening! [AV Club]