See Ryan Gosling, the Ultimate Beef Squasher, Squash Other Beefs


On Monday, video surfaced of Ryan Gosling, that superman among men, intervening in a New York City street fight. With selfless disregard for his shopping bag and sporty striped tank top, Gosling boldly threw himself and his enormous arm muscles into the fray, breaking up the altercation with a gentle but firm touch, what appeared to be soothing words (we assume something like, "Hey guys ... "), and a dignified, calm manner. Gosling is a great actor, but in this instance, he revealed his true identity: the ultimate Beef Squasher. Clearly, Ryan, like many a superhero, has been hiding his extraordinary powers from the public. (That tank top: Duh! It's a uniform!) But no more. In the interest of keeping Ryan on the streets, fighting crime, we've assembled a slide show highlighting all of the beefs Gosling has surreptitiously, without credit, been squashing these many years. Needless to say, he has been doing impressive work soothing spats and we think it's well past time he got the props that were his due.