Seth Rogen Will Guest Star on The League


Heads up to the weak! Seth Rogen joins The League as Dirty Randy in the season premiere, finally putting a face to the heretofore unseen scumbag friend of Jason Mantzoukas’s Rafi. “It’s official! Dirty Randy will be played by Seth Rogen this season on @theleaguefx,” Paul Scheer tweeted on Saturday. Creator Jeff Schaffer explained, “As the legend of Dirty Randy grew among our fans — is that Dirty Randy? Is that a shot of Dirty Randy? — we realized we really have to step up here. We started talking about who the funniest people we know who aren’t on the show already, and [Rogen] was at the top of the list.”

Schaffer also told the Television Critic’s Association what possible directions the show would have taken if the NFL lockout had dragged out. “Plan B revolved around [the characters] losing their minds. The CFL would have been very happy,” he explained. “When faced with the Armageddon of no football, we had to explore if these guys would still be friends if there wasn’t football.”