Sex and the City Prequel Could Be a CW Show

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie in Sex and the City on HBO Photo: HBO

A Sex and the City prequel series could be headed to the CW. According to Deadline, the network is looking to adapt The Carrie Diaries for TV, and they want Gossip Girl's Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage to produce it. The possibility of a TV version of the gang's origin story has been floating around for a little while, even though Sarah Jessica Parker thinks it's a bad idea and Michael Patrick King refuses to be involved. Earlier this week, there was chatter that another season of the original flavor was in the works, but a prequel series seems somehow more plausible. It's still a terrible, terrible idea, but it's a plausible one: Gossip Girl covers a lot of the same ground as Sex and the City, not just geographically speaking but also in terms of fabulousness and in use of puns, and Schwartz and Savage have tried to make a show about a charming young blonde woman in the eighties before. (Although that show tanked and never went past the backdoor pilot stage.) I couldn't help but wonder, why does anyone think this franchise reboot is a good idea? [Deadline]