The Shield’s Shawn Ryan Is Making Another Cop Show


Shawn Ryan is creating yet another cop show, this one hewing a little closer to the traditional procedural model than his previous shows The Shield, Terriers, or The Chicago Code ever did. The currently untitled new show is about a geneticist studying criminal behavior, who through his work discovers he himself has the "psychopath gene" — and naturally goes off to help the FBI catch killers. The setup is loosely based on the bonkers story of James Fallon, a neuroscientist at UC-Irvine who discovered that he's related to several historical murderers and that his own brain activity maps and genetic markers match up with those of murderers, though he's, you know, sane and normal and stuff. Ryan is teaming up with Criminal Minds' executive producer Simon Mirren for the show, which has a pilot commitment from CBS. [Deadline]