The Skin I Live In Trailer: Pedro Almodóvar Nips and Tucks


We've gotten glimpses of Pedro Almodóvar's psycho-sexual thriller The Skin I Live In via foreign-language clips and teasers for months now, but today, the new trailer finally debuted for its U.S. release on October 14. Unfortunately, it doesn't do a much better job of explaining the twisty plot than the European teasers did, and it's also the latest example of a pernicious marketing trend: Like the Stateside trailers for this fall's Ryan Gosling flick Drive, it reveals way too many moments from the movie's third act. (Albeit without much in the way of context, but still, these hints could color your first viewing of the film.) So let us sum it up for you: The Skin I Live In is like Season 2 of Nip/Tuck as rewritten by Pedro Almodóvar, with a creepy, controlled performance by Antonio Banderas as a plastic surgeon with unique designs on the woman he keeps imprisoned in his basement. It's not as resonant as some of Almodóvar's recent dramas, but it's dark and delicious all the same. You don't need to know anything more than that — and frankly, you shouldn't.