Star Won’t Be Born Until Babyoncé Is


As you may have intuited from last night's VMAs, where Beyoncé lightly clutched her stomach at the top and bottom as if showing off a beautiful commemorative plate, she and Jay-Z are expecting. Terrific news ... at least, for everybody who isn't Clint Eastwood. Deadline reports that the filmmaker had hoped to shoot the Beyoncé-toplined remake of A Star Is Born this February, but now Eastwood will be forced to wait out the birth of Babyoncé before moving ahead (assuming that the prolific filmmaker hasn't jumped to another project in the meantime). One upside to the delay: Eastwood and Warner Bros. will now have more time to find the male lead, since Leonardo DiCaprio has turned down the project. Christian Bale is said to be a top choice for the role, since Eastwood seems determined to cast a star who won't have any romantic chemistry with Beyoncé. [Deadline]