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Eleven Lessons Hollywood Should Learn From Summer Movie Season

Start Slideshow Harry Potter, Summer Champion.

Last November, Jon Favreau augured that the summer of 2011 would be remembered as “a bloodbath” — one so violently competitive it would “be looked back upon as Omaha Beach” — and that there wouldn’t be a weekend “where there won’t be teeth on the floor.” As it turned out, his prophecy of mayhem (and emergency dentistry) applied far more to his own film, Cowboys & Aliens (now stuck at $90 million, with a $163 million reported budget), than most other summer releases: Instead of having bled to death on French sand, Hollywood appears on track to lift the summer box office by a healthy 6 percent over last year’s. How was doom averted in the end? Read on and see the eleven lessons of the summer that just was.

Photo: Warner Bros.