Swinging With the Finkels Trailer: Sex Sure Is Horrible


Mandy Moore, Martin Freeman, Melissa George, and Jonathan Silverman star in Swinging With the Finkels, a comedy about how hard it is to be in love and also to enjoy sex. Both of those things are just so hard, especially for British people. Why are half of these people British and half of these people not British? It is not clear. What's also not clear is why you'd make a sex comedy if you obviously hate and fear sex. Is it really so inconceivable that a straight (or straight-partnered) man would have ever had any kind of gay experience? Has no one read a single Savage Love article? Is this movie honestly firing a projectile dildo out of Mandy Moore's vagina — complete with sound effects! — into Jerry Stiller's groin? Of course not, apparently not, and apparently so, respectively. [I Watch Stuff]