Talk Amongst Yourselves: The Change-Up Open Thread


Despite having some big stars and the promise of Olivia Wilde’s CGI nipples, The Change-Up’s box office slunk in at $13.5 million this weekend. Since we know you have a lot of FEELINGS and THOUGHTS about comedy movies, instead of us baking a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone will eat and be happy, we’re going to start having open threads the Monday after the release of a movie we all have SOME THOUGHTS ABOUT. Whatever we can do to better enable you to fight or shake hands or kiss each other or kiss-fight while shaking other people’s hands, we will do it. Some possible topics of conversation: has Leslie Mann already fired her agent? If not, what could be the possible reasons? Does a mediocre box office mean that I can’t laugh at the idea of a geyser-like fountain of baby diarrhea shooting into Jason Bateman’s mouth? And most importantly: are CGI nipples the nipple of the future? Talk amongst yourselves.