Taylor Swift Can Rap the First Verse of ‘Lose Yourself’


And she did so, in a purple prom dress, last week at a concert in Grand Rapids. It's not bad! And if you've ever witnessed a late-night karaoke attempt of the 8 Mile anthem, you might even say that it's good. This is, of course, not Swift's first attempt at public rapping: Her very brief performance of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" has had Vulture on a Nicki-Swift Collaboration Watch since February. (T.Swift on the "Monster" verse: Can you imagine?!) But her Eminem is pretty solid: She doesn't drop a line, she manages a non-embarrassing head bob on the chorus, and the whole performance has an endearing, self-aware quality that reminds us what's likable about Swift in the first place. She's goofy, and she knows it. Also, if Taylor is taking hip-hop requests, Vulture would be very interested in her interpretation of "Mr. Wendal." [Rap Radar]