Texas Killing Fields Trailer: Sam Worthington Gets Down to Earth


Texas Killing Fields is full of putative next-big-things: You've got Avatar action hero Sam Worthington in the lead, Chloe Moretz wandering around, and Jessica Chastain in there, searching for yet another 2011 movie she can play a supporting role in. And behind the camera, there's debuting filmmaker Ami Canaan Mann, who's got the auspicious start of being Michael Mann's daughter. All in all, there have been a lot of reasons to keep an eye on this movie ... and yet, despite a release date that's less than a month away, it's been virtually under wraps. Maybe that's because of the grim story line: The movie follows Worthington as he investigates the titular location, a particularly brutal area of Texas where almost two-dozen women have been murdered, and street kid Moretz may be next. Dark stuff, but at least Worthington isn't obscured by blue CG skin or a crappy 3-D post-conversion this time. (Although, that southern accent ...)