Texas Town Lets an 11-Year-Old Name a Street Justin Bieber Way


An 11-year-old named Caroline Gonzalez won a Facebook contest in Forney, Texas, to be mayor for a day. Upon taking charge, she immediately got to work and did what needed doing: changing the name of Main Street to Justin Bieber Way. While Gonzalez clearly was the big-picture thinker on this operation (likely convening committees on the relative virtues of Justin Bieber Street, Justin Bieber Avenue, and the, to our mind, unfairly shafted Justin Bieber Boulevard), she had essential backup from the town's bureaucracy, who made her a Justin Bieber Way sign and had it waiting to hang when she showed up for the job. The naming of Justin Bieber Way is not only a gauntlet thrown down to Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance fans, who, clearly, must step up their game, but it marks the first actions of a rapidly maturing grassroots political movement: The Belieber Party. Watch out for them to make a big splash in the Mayor-for-a-Day contests in Iowa next. [33TV via Gawker]