The Bugle Takes On News Corp….From Inside News Corp.


During the closing of The News Of The World, The Bugle podcast somehow managed to rip on the beast from inside the belly of that same specific beast. Published by the Times of London, a part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., the news satire podcast run by Andy Zaltzman, John Oliver and editor Chris Skinner went to town over the folding paper, which they noted “would not be missed at all” and the subsequent hacking scandal. “It was comedian’s gold, but an editor’s nightmare,” Skinner recalls. After an episode spent gloating over Murdoch getting hit with a shaving cream pie, a disbelieving John Oliver wondered, “Should this not have been stopped by now? It doesn’t make sense!” So far no higher ups have said anything, despite the fact that the podcast has about 400,000 weekly downloads, though as Zaltzman reassured him at one point, “I can take up busking, John, it’s all right.”