The Minstry Sends Up The Afghani Government


The New York Times has a fascinating article about Afghanistan’s The Ministry, the mockumentary-style sitcom about the deep corruption of the country’s fictional Ministry of Waste. Unlike The Office however, to which it draws frequent comparisons, the show deals predominantly with the nepotism and incompetence of the current Afgani government. So imagine if Dwight was firing his gun into the floor, but in every episode.

As for the show’s inspiration, many of the show’s creators and cast have worked within various branches of the government; some continue to hold other jobs while making the series. “I have been working in the Afghan government for 42 years, so I have faced many problems,” says actor Ghulam Yahya Monis, who plays the ministry’s admin assistant. “The roles we are playing are very close to the experiences of people.” Explains Abdul Qadir Farouk, who portrays the preening minister Dawlat. “The actor is the camera of society, watching the society with a different lens. It is to make people smile, but also to give people political knowledge.”