The Party Down Reunion Is Coming to Childrens Hospital on August, Sans Adam Scott


As previously reported, there’s going to be a mini Party Down reunion on Childrens Hospital, with most of the main characters reprising their roles as caterers on the show. It’s airing on August 25th. Sadly, Adam Scott was unable to participate, as he was shooting a movie in New York when that episode was filmed. “I wanted to come out for it but I couldn’t,” he said. “I got photos from the set and still have them on my phone. It broke my heart not to be there.”

That does indeed suck! But as a consolation of sorts, Scott will appear as “dirty wheelchair-bound agent Van Van Damme” on an upcoming episode of NTSF:SD:SUV::, and he’ll also be returning to Eastbound and Down for one episode as Kenny Powers’ agent. But still, no “Are we having fun yet?”, which is decidedly un-fun.