The Eleven Greatest Performances by Movie Toilets


The toilet, that lowly throne. Much maligned, abused, and crapped on. This being an unjust world, it gets no respect for much of anything, let alone its contributions to cinema. Lest you doubt that the toilet has, in fact, made contributions to cinema, consider the role porcelain bowls play in The Help, out in theaters today. In the movie, Emma Stone plays an enlightened white girl who helps black domestic workers in Jackson, Mississippi, but her enlightenment only comes after hearing a bigoted friend discuss the necessity of segregated bathrooms in homes that employ black maids. Enter a set of dynamic toilets that put in the performance of a lifetime, which culminates in them, the toilets, lining up on a racist Southern belle's lawn to show her the error of her ways. These compelling toilets are by no means the first to impress on the big screen: Here's a list of eleven others that should prove toilets are, at the very least, as good actors as boulders.