The Darkest Hour Trailer: Finally, Some Aliens That Aren’t Bugs


We've been complaining about the sameness of movie aliens all summer — too many rampaging bug beasties will do that to you — so the extraterrestrial threat of The Darkest Hour comes as sweet relief: In this movie, Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby, and The Killing's Joel Kinnaman must battle ... light? Swirling aurora-borealis baddies? We're not totally sure what these things are, but we actually like that about it — at least they're not more action-figure gastropods. In any case, it's clear what they do: They suck up and disintegrate people, and our heroes must flee from them in Moscow (where they've supposedly arrived for a business meeting but more likely have been placed so the movie can get some tax credits) until they figure out a way to fight back. Yes, it could be a little dorky, and yes, we chuckled a little bit at the title card that reads, "Presented By the Visionary Director of Wanted." But it's a good cast and it's giving us something new, so we're going to keep our fingers crossed. [Coming Soon]