The Kardashian Wedding Is Finally Behind Us


What were you doing at 6:37 PDT Saturday? For the sake of your future grandchildren, try to remember, or you'll have nothing to tell them when they ask, "So, where were YOU when Kim Kardashian's wedding began?"

Everybody, breathe out: Kim Kardashian was finally married to Kris Humphries in Montecito yesterday. According to reports, the whole thing basically went off without a hitch! Four hundred fifty people attended; all the female members of the bridal party wore ivory; Kim called Kris the "yin to her yang." The only person who seemed to have any objections was sister Kourtney's son Mason, the ring bearer, who caused his mother to "stumble slightly" while walking him down the aisle and later started crying during a concluding prayer. Does he know something the rest of us don't? Only time — and a thousand tabloid covers — will tell (or speculate). For now, however, there's the first bit of video proof over at E! [E!]