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The Office’s Dwight Schrute Only Gets Weirder Next Season, Warns Mindy Kaling

Rainn Wilson.

The heightened antics of Dunder Mifflin's acting manager are often a divisive issue among Office fans, many of whom prefer that the character be a little more under-the-top. Mindy Kaling is not one of those people. As the longtime Schrute proponent said in a chat with E!, "We made Rainn [Wilson] do some very interesting stuff so far this season. He does a lot, and he's as militaristic as he's ever been. I love Dwight when he has a lot of strict rules and stuff like that. I hope you like it; I think it's really good." And if you aren't a huge fan of Scranton's most colorful beet farmer, you'll be okay, because the rest of cast will also be getting a bigger-than-usual piece of the Office pie: "Steve used to have 40 percent of the lines, so when you take that out, there's someone who has to have those lines. So we see a lot more from Kevin, who's a big favorite of mine, or Angela. I love writing for her. All these other characters get to have bigger parts, so that's been kind of nice. Because if anything, I hear all the time how much people like the side characters." [E!]

Photo: Jeff Vespa / Wire Image