The Sitter Trailer: Jonah Hill’s R-Rated Adventures in Babysitting


Would this summer's bawdy comedies have done as well if it weren't for the sudden ubiquity of the red-band trailer? The Jonah Hill vehicle The Sitter is the latest to launch its marketing campaign with an NSFW, cuss-filled teaser, and though the premise smacks of Adventures in Babysitting, it plays like the gender-flipped brother of Bad Teacher, with Hill serving as the deeply R-rated custodian to a motley crew of kids. Eventually, he drags them out into the big city with the hopes of hooking up with Ari Graynor, who's reprising her drunk-and-lost shtick from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (though we don't mind at all, since she was that movie's biggest asset). Take a look at the trailer, introduced by a now jarringly thin Hill, who has lost enough weight to be comfortable wearing horizontal stripes. [IGN]