Trespass Trailer: Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman Should Consider Locking Their Doors


Nicolas Cage's grimaces become increasingly intense and lopsided in the trailer for Trespass, starting with "major wince" around 40 seconds in and ticking off "crying wince," "indignant pout," "bare grill of determination," and "gritted teeth (execution style)." It's quite the array of smirks and sneers, but even Cage's absurd, tinted molester eyeglasses can't distract from the fact that this is a Funny Games knockoff except these people maybe deserve it. The trailer touts Joel Schumacher's work on Falling Down and Phone Booth, which means the film is lunatic-level violent and really stressful, and that the studio doesn't want us to remember The Number 23. [Playlist/Indiewire]